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My name is Pam S. I had never been to a Chiroprator before, so I did not know what to expect. My sister and brother-in-law told me about Dr. Handly helping them. The first and second visit were not too easy. He told me to put an ice pack on my back. When I got home and did it, you would not believe the improvments. My back has made a lot of progress but you have to LISTEN to Dr. Handly and don't give up. I have been having back problems and soreness for so many years I just thought it was normal or that I was tired. My posture has improved. I am walking taller and most of the time I am holding my head up. I also mentioned to him about the migraine headaches that I was having every day. I have a condition called acoustic neruoma and it left me with migraines everyday. I can not hear in my left ear and I am often off balanced. The doctors had given me all kinds of pills and shots in my head. After Chiropractic treatments it was a relief not to have migraines and to be able to move my head back and forth for the first time in years. I am now doing yardwork and cleaning my windows and folding clothes. Dr. handly and I are going to try and work on me being able to lay flat next!! I have to sleep in a recliner because I can not lay flat or the next day I will have a migraine and it will make me dizzy. The atmosphere in the office is so pleasant. Dr. Handly and his wife are extremely sufficient in taking care of the patients. They are very respectful and Dr. Handly absolutely is a professional Chiropractor in taking care of his patients!

My name is Steve Cruise and I have had experience with Chiropractors in NC and SC over the 35 years I was with the power company there. I hadn’t needed one since I retired and moved home to Henry County until my back went out one morning. Blind luck, called Dr. Handly first not knowing any of the local Chiropractic Doctors. I was in terrible pain, needed relief and they took me that day. I liked everything about them. They are friendly and professional in very way. Dr. Handly asked me about my history with my back and listened carefully as I explained what I knew and how it had been treated by others. He did his own careful examination and made a couple of adjustments checked me and repeated. I felt instant relief that took me from a 9 on the pain scale back down to a 3 right out of the box. He told me how to cycle heat and cold on my spine. I did exactly as he instructed and returned for two more treatments ste improving each day. I’d put Dr. Handly right up there with the best I’ve known. I’d recommend him without hesitation. 


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